Your account on PUBGPoker is directly attached to your Steam account. Your nickname and avatar displayed on the website can be changed at any time using your Steam Account settings.

Your Poker account is attached to your PUBGPoker account. You cannot change your Poker nickname once it is set.

If you have issues logging in:

  • Ensure that cookies are fully enabled on the Website - you cannot use your account if you have cookies disabled.
  • Make sure your profile is Public
  • If the problem persists, try again later. If it does not work for a long time, please contact us on Steam Group Forums

The basic principle of this system is that accounts without complete mobile authentication cannot trade instantly so as to prevent item hijackings and trade scams. Trades are held back for 15 days if the user, giving skins in a trade, does not have fully activated mobile authentication.

There are two conditions you need to satisfy in order to deposit using our bots:

- You must have Steam Mobile Authenticator activated on your Steam account for longer than 7 days;

- You have to confirm trades using your Steam Mobile Application. This applies only for DEPOSIT operations.

How to activate Mobile Authentication on your Steam account:

1. Download the Steam Mobile Application (internet connection required) for your Android or Apple device (doesn't have to be a physical device if you don't have one ;)

2. Login and open the first menu - Steam Guard;

3. Pick the option that sends Steam Guard codes to your mobile device. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THE RECOVERY CODE!

4. On this page, enable "Confirmation of Trades".

And you're good to go! You'll be able to trade instantly by using your Steam Mobile Authentication device after 7 days.

Note that if you a cancel a trade that is on hold, you will be automatically trade banned for 7 days by Steam!

The currency our website uses is coins. 1000 coins are worth approximately one dollar on the Steam Market.

The only way to trade skins using our service is by using the Bots. You can access them using the Bank page.

Regular trading logic applies, for example, the user cannot be trade banned in order to trade with our bots.

A trade URL is required for our Bots to send offers to you. Make sure you copy it properly. Your trade URL can be found here.

The fastest way to deposit skins is by using our Bank’s Deposit page. To deposit an item, it must fulfill these requirements:

  • The item’s value must be $0.45 or more dollars on the Steam Market;
  • The item cannot be a new one as their prices are unstable;
  • The item has to be tradable. You can see if an item is tradable by clicking on it while in your Inventory tab in Steam and checking the tags.

We also hold the right to exclude or downprice specific items. This includes items with unstable prices or items with very few Steam Market listings.

To deposit, open the Deposit items page in the Bank, then send your inventory data to our service by clicking on Update Inventory. Select the items you wish to deposit and click on Deposit Item(s). One of our bots will eventually send you a trade offer and net you the coins once the trade has been completed.

If you have issues depositing using the Bots after multiple attempts, make sure that:

  • Your trade URL is correct;
  • Your inventory is not outdated - click on Update Inventory before attempting a deposit operation;
  • You have trade eligibility - attempt a trade offer to any of your Steam friends to check if you are not trade banned;
  • You have full mobile authentication that has been active for at least 7 days.

If the steps above do not solve your issues with deposits or if you have no way to get mobile authentication, you can always send manual deposits to a Staff member. Use the Support page for this.

Do not accept trade offers from people pretending to be Staff – we will never send trade offers to you without warning you first!

To withdraw, go to the Withdraw items page in the Bank, then select one of the bots to see its inventory. Then select the items you want to withdraw and click on Withdraw Item(s). Wait for the trade offer from the bot and accept it. Note that you are limited to 16 items per withdrawal.

The Withdrawal system has a block algorithm that prevents users from depositing skins and immediately withdrawing others. If you are trade blocked, simply play on PUBGPoker and the system will eventually unblock you. You can check the amount of coins you have to play for to be unblocked by going to your profile. Note that the requirement is bigger if you have traded in the past or have not played the 65% value of the total deposit you have made.

Users with long trading histories on PUBGPoker and minimal play actvity will not get unblocked. We do not want users like this on our website.

Trading will get you punished, even if you are unblocked. These punishments are coin balance reductions and vary from user to user. Note that if you receive one warning for trading, that does not mean you can continue trading - you will be punished harsher if you continue trading on the website. You can check for a 'Trading (Warning #x)' message in your balance history.

Poker is a card-based gambling game. We use Briggs Softworks’ Poker Mavens software system. You can read about the system here.

Here is the current list of poker-based games and activities we support:

  • Free-roll tournament every 60 minutes (rewards can be checked in the tournament info menu)
  • Saturday free rolls with prize pools of 50k coins
  • No Limit Hold’em and Omaha tables with various buy-in and Turn Clock selections
  • No Limit Hold'em Heads-Up tables with various buy-in selections
  • Pot Limit and No Limit Omaha tables with various buy-in selections

We do not provide tutorials on how to play poker.

If you are having issues connecting to Poker (for example, the page is stuck loading with your deposit/withdraw menu available), try the following:

  • Temporarily disable your anti-virus just before you open the Poker page;
  • Disable your Firewall;
  • Ensure that no addons or plugins on your browser are blocking access;
  • Make sure that no malware or adware is active in your browser. Some of them are known to cause connection issues;
  • If you still cannot connect, ask for assistance from our Staff, they will be able to assist you with your connection issues by checking screenshots of your browser console.
  • If the error looks like this: "Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document", your solution is here.

The rathole period is 60 minutes.

Here are our Turn Clock settings:

  • Regular tables: 18 seconds;
  • Turbo tables: 11 seconds.

Here are our sitout period setings:

  • Regular tables: 10 minutes;
  • Turbo tables: 5 minutes.

Here are our rake settings:

Here are our weekly poker rakeback settings:

Coins played (raked, weekly)
Rake given back
less than 5000 0%
5000 to 50 000 10%
50 000 to 100 000 15%
100 000 to 250 000 20%
250 000 to 500 000 25%
500 000 to 750 000 30%
750 000 to 1 000 000 35%
1 000 000 to 1 500 000 40%
1 500 000 to 2 000 000 45%
2 000 000 to 5 000 000 50%
5 000 000 to 10 000 000 55%
10 000 000 to 20 000 000 60%
20 000 000 and more 65%

To check the rakeback you will receive, go to Poker and check the numbers in the Sidebar "Profile" tab

You can find our Steam Group here. Once you've joined the Steam Group, you can post in the forums, located here. If the forums don't show up for you, restart your browser and try logging in to Steam again.

Post all your suggestion and feedback in the forums.

If you have any problems with the website, please use website's support page

You can also contact the PUBGPoker Staff Members on Steam. Here are their Steam profiles:

NiniZero - CEO
Mantux5 - Programmer

Do not be fooled by fake Staff members! You can do a simple profile check to see if the person you are talking to is a PUBGPoker Staff Member.

On the website navigation bar, click on 'Support' and then use the form on the right side of the page

If you think you've got what it takes to be our partner or sponsor, don't be afraid to contact us!


We are using the Poker Mavens 5 software. This means that we have no control over the source code and the outcome of the poker hands. If you are not confident about our Card Generation or what we can see and do using our software, you can download Trial version of Poker Mavens 5 and their Card Shuffling Simulator.

Poker Mavens 5 Trial:

Poker Mavens 5 Card Shuffling Simulator:


All the information about the roulette's provably fair system is located on a seperate page. Provably Fair