Terms of Service

Terms Of Service

These terms and conditions, paired with all information given in the Help & Info section, govern your use of PUBGPoker.net; by using PUBGPoker.net, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions in full and without reservation. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, you must not use PUBGPoker.net or any directly or indirectly linked systems, and you must not interact on any platform, especially those who are owned by Valve Corporation or Steam, with accounts that belong to this website or their owners.

Note that that all local laws and regulations apply to the usage of this service.

This Website is referred to as PUBGPoker.net. PUBGPoker.net has the final word and decision about the understanding of the terms.

The virtual currency on PUBGPoker.net is defined as coins. It is exclusively used on this Website, it cannot be transferred to another platform and has no relation to real currency.

This page may be updated at any time without any warning or notice.

PUBGPoker.net has the right to request identification and documents to verify that a User is an adult. During the process of confirming this, PUBGPoker.net has the right to freeze a User’s account.


1. User Account Rules

1. 1.  Users must be legally at least 18 years of age in order to use this service.

While we do not actively seek out the age of Users, any Users who reveal themselves to be under the age of 18 will not receive assistance from staff and may even be banned from using this service under specific circumstances.

1. 2. Users are solely responsible for their accounts – we cannot help Users with account hijackings or unconsented usage.

Our Staff can help Users pinpoint dates of account usage of our service if their account was hijacked or used without consent, but we do not issue refunds or stand responsible for what happens to accounts under such events.

1.3. Any accounts used by the same IP address simultaneously will be banned from using this service.

This is to prevent Users from abusing the Bot and Poker systems.

2. Currency-related System Usage Rules

2. 1. Do not attempt to abuse the Bot Trade System or any other Systems in a harmful way.

If Users find a bug, glitch or error within the operation of the Trade or Game (Poker, Roulette, etc.) Systems, Users are obligated to report any and all data related to an admin. Abusing Systems with harmful intent (to duplicate coins or cause aberrant effects) will result in an instant termination of your account, coin balances nullified and possible further action, depending on the circumstances.

2. 2. We offer refunds due to connection issues under certain circumstances.

In the event of a global service timeout, we offer full refunds to any and all Users who have lost coins, but we are not responsible for User-specific Internet connection problems and will only issue refunds on specific occasions. Such occasions are solely decided by the PUBGPoker.net Staff.

2. 3. Trading activity on our website is prohibited. Any Users who use this service mainly for trading items will receive a block from withdrawing or coin reduction punishments. 65% of every deposit has to be played separately after a deposit is completed.

What we define as trading: depositing items with the intention of withdrawing other items without using this Website to play proportionally and depositing low value items to withdraw higher value items, vice versa included.

We are not a trading service. This allows us to store more expensive items for the Users who want to cash out their winnings.

2. 3. 1. Users may request an unblock from withdrawals at any time using our Support methods.

However, the PUBGPoker.net Staff will evaluate your account activity and make the decision without your say. If the PUBGPoker.net Staff deem your account unworthy of an unblock, you will be notified and your withdraw block will stay.

2. 4. Users who receive coins in non-approved methods will be terminated from using PUBGPoker.net immediately with all coin balances nullified and possible further action, depending on the circumstances.

What we define as approved:

  • Depositing skins and receiving the correct amount of coins. If our automated systems make an error and give you the wrong amount of coins, you must report this issue to our Staff. Incorrect item pricings must not be abused.
  • Playing Poker against other Users and winning. Cheats, bots and other unfair methods of gaining coins this way are considered non-approved.
  • Betting on roulette and winning.
  • Receiving them from Staff members under confirmed and approved conditions by the Staff members that issue these coins.
  • Receiving coins from poker rakeback. Note that abuse of the system, such as playing in a premade player group to receive incorrect amounts of rakeback, will completely revoke your rakeback eligibility.

If a User receives coins in a non-approved method and reports this without any activity that involves the change of their coin balance, the User will not be in threat of an Account termination.

2. 5. Items that are worth less than 2850 coins are taxed when depositing.

If the item value is less than 1000 coins, 90% of the value is received. If the item value is less than 2850 coins, 95% of the value is received.

2. 6. Users do not have exclusive ownership of Bot Inventory items.

If a User has deposited an item into one of our Bots' Inventories, it no longer belongs to the User. Our Website does not stand responsible for loss of Steam Inventory items.

3. Poker Usage Rules

3. 1. Users are strictly prohibited from colluding.

Any Users who are caught cooperating to gain an unfair advantage over other players will be terminated from using our service with all Coin balances nullified. This includes giving advice to other players.

3. 2. Languages excluding Lithuanian and English in chat rooms are NOT allowed.

This is to prevent any misunderstandings as well as to ensure that Users do not give each other advice.

3. 3. Coin dumping is prohibited.

Intentional transfer of coins to another User (aka losing on purpose) is strictly prohibited and will result in harsh punishments decided by our Staff, which can include instant account termination with all coin balances nullified.

3. 4. Users cannot change their nicknames.

While Steam nicknames can be changed at any time, Users have an unchangeable Poker nickname that is attached to their Steam account.

3. 5. Cheating is not permitted.

Any third party software that gives Users an unfair advantage over other Users is considered cheating, which is a ban-worthy offence. Poker bots and game-breaking programs (traffic attacks, etc.) are not allowed. We allow the usage of HUD programs, however.

3. 6. Tampering with the Poker Software code is not allowed.

Users that cause aberrant functionality effects to the Poker (coin duplication, scripts, etc.) will be immediately terminated from using PUBGPoker.net with all coin balances nullified.

3. 7. Hand History logs are only for personal use

If a User received hand history logs, he/she must keep it to themselves. These hand logs are provided to the users by admins for private use and are not for distribution to other Users or for public display in chat rooms, forums and etc. Violating this rule will result in a permanent ban from the website with all User assets frozen.

4. Chat Room Usage Rules

4. 1. Any phishing links, advertisements, suspicious URLs or shortened links posted in chat rooms will not be tolerated.

Click on links in chat rooms with care as we are not responsible for the resulting effects. Repeat offenders of posting such links will be silenced from speaking in the chat rooms.

4. 2. Do not post your own or other peoples’ personal information - phone numbers, addresses of residence, full names, social media, etc.

If you wish to exchange personal information, please do so outside of our service.

4. 3. Spamming of ANY kind or any other type of disruptive and annoying chat behavior is strictly prohibited.

Users who provide no meaningful messages in chat rooms will simply be silenced.

4. 4. Excessive flaming, racism, sexism and similar offensive behavior is not permitted.

Do not intentionally offend other Users. Repeat offenders will be silenced in chat rooms.

4. 5. NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content and links in chat rooms are a ban-worthy offense.

Links to pornography websites or NSFW content (text, images, etc.) will result in a silence of the User in chat rooms.


You may view, download for caching purposes only, and print pages from PUBGPoker.net for your own personal use, subject to the restrictions set out below and elsewhere in these terms and conditions.

You must not:

  • Republish material from PUBGPoker.net (including republication on another platform/website);
  • Sell, rent or sub-license material from PUBGPoker.net;
  • Reproduce, duplicate, copy or otherwise exploit material on PUBGPoker.net for a commercial purpose;


You must not use PUBGPoker.net in any way that causes, or may cause, damage to PUBGPoker.net or impairment of the availability or accessibility of PUBGPoker.net; or in any way which is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful, or in connection with any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful purpose or activity.

You must not use PUBGPoker.net to copy, store, host, transmit, send, use, publish or distribute any material which consists of (or is linked to) any spyware, computer virus, Trojan horse, worm, keystroke logger, rootkit or other malicious computer software.

You must not conduct any systematic or automated data collection activities on or in relation to PUBGPoker.net without PUBGPoker.net’s express written consent. This includes data scraping, data mining, data extraction, data harvesting and any other systematic or automated data collection.

You must not use PUBGPoker.net with automated software or similar browser plugins or addons. This includes automated software that updates a User’s inventory.

You must not use PUBGPoker.net to transmit or send unsolicited commercial communications.

You must not use PUBGPoker.net for any purposes related to marketing without PUBGPoker.net’s express written consent.


Access to certain areas of PUBGPoker.net is restricted. PUBGPoker.net reserves the right to block off access to certain areas or the entirety of PUBGPoker.net at any time.

If PUBGPoker.net provides you with a user ID and password to enable you to access restricted areas of PUBGPoker.net or other content or services, you must ensure that the user ID and password are kept confidential.

PUBGPoker.net may disable your user ID and password in PUBGPoker.net’s sole discretion without notice or explanation.


In these terms and conditions, “your user content” means material (including without limitation text and images) that you submit to this Website, for whatever purpose.

You grant to PUBGPoker.net a worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate and distribute your user content in any existing or future media. You also grant to PUBGPoker.net the right to sub-license these rights, and the right to bring an action for infringement of these rights.

Your user content must not be illegal or unlawful, must not infringe any third party's legal rights, and must not be capable of giving rise to legal action whether against you or PUBGPoker.net or a third party (in each case under any applicable law).

You must not submit any user content to PUBGPoker.net that is or has ever been the subject of any threatened or actual legal proceedings or other similar complaint.

PUBGPoker.net reserves the right to edit or remove any material submitted to this Website, or stored on PUBGPoker.net’s servers, or hosted or published upon PUBGPoker.net.

Notwithstanding PUBGPoker.net’s rights under these terms and conditions in relation to user content, PUBGPoker.net does not undertake to monitor the submission of such content to, or the publication of such content on, this Website.


PUBGPoker.net is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied. PUBGPoker.net makes no representations or warranties in relation to this Website or the information and materials provided on this Website.

Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing paragraph, PUBGPoker.net does not warrant that:

  • This Website will be constantly available, or available at all; or
  • The information on this Website is complete, true, accurate or non-misleading.

Nothing on PUBGPoker.net constitutes, or is meant to constitute, advice of any kind.


PUBGPoker.net will not be liable to you (whether under the law of contact, the law of torts or otherwise) in relation to the contents of, or use of, or otherwise in connection with, this Website:

  • To the extent that the Website is provided free-of-charge, for any direct loss;
  • For any indirect, special or consequential loss; or
  • For any business losses, loss of revenue, income, profits or anticipated savings, loss of contracts or business relationships, loss of reputation or goodwill, or loss or corruption of information or data.

These limitations of liability apply even if PUBGPoker.net has been expressly advised of the potential loss.


Nothing in PUBGPoker.net’s disclaimer will exclude or limit any warranty implied by law that it would be unlawful to exclude or limit; and nothing in this Website disclaimer will exclude or limit PUBGPoker.net’s liability in respect of any:

  • Death or personal injury caused by PUBGPoker.net’s negligence;
  • Fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation on the part of PUBGPoker.net; or
  • Matter which it would be illegal or unlawful for PUBGPoker.net to exclude or limit, or to attempt or purport to exclude or limit, its liability.


By using PUBGPoker.net, you agree that the exclusions and limitations of liability set out in this platform disclaimer are reasonable.

If you do not think they are reasonable, you must not use PUBGPoker.net.


If any provision of PUBGPoker.net’s disclaimer is, or is found to be, unenforceable under applicable law, that will not affect the enforceability of the other provisions of PUBGPoker.net’s disclaimer.


You hereby indemnify PUBGPoker.net and undertake to keep PUBGPoker.net indemnified against any losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses (including without limitation legal expenses and any amounts paid by PUBGPoker.net to a third party in settlement of a claim or dispute on the advice of PUBGPoker.net’s legal advisers) incurred or suffered by PUBGPoker.net arising out of any breach by you of any provision of these terms and conditions.


Without prejudice to PUBGPoker.net’s other rights under these terms and conditions, if you breach these terms and conditions in any way, PUBGPoker.net may take such action as PUBGPoker.net deems appropriate to deal with the breach, including suspending your access to PUBGPoker.net, prohibiting you from accessing PUBGPoker.net, blocking computers using your IP address from accessing PUBGPoker.net or contacting your internet service provider to request that they block your access to PUBGPoker.net.


PUBGPoker.net may revise these terms and conditions at any time. Revised terms and conditions will apply to the use of PUBGPoker.net from the date of the publication of the revised terms and conditions on PUBGPoker.net. Please check this page regularly to ensure you are familiar with the current version.


PUBGPoker.net may transfer, sub-contract or otherwise deal with PUBGPoker.net’s rights and/or obligations under these terms and conditions without notifying you or obtaining your consent.

You may not transfer, sub-contract or otherwise deal with your rights and/or obligations under these terms and conditions.


If a provision of these terms and conditions is determined by any court or other competent authority to be unlawful and/or unenforceable, the other provisions will continue in effect. If any unlawful and/or unenforceable provision would be lawful or enforceable if part of it were deleted, that part will be deemed to be deleted, and the rest of the provision will continue in effect.


You accept that, as a limited liability entity, PUBGPoker.net has an interest in limiting the personal liability of its officers and employees. You agree that you will not bring any claim personally against PUBGPoker.net’s officers or employees in respect of any losses you suffer in connection with the Website.

Without prejudice to the foregoing paragraph, you agree that the limitations of warranties and liability set out in PUBGPoker.net’s disclaimer will protect PUBGPoker.net’s officers, employees, agents, subsidiaries, successors, assigns and sub-contractors as well as PUBGPoker.net.


These terms and conditions, together with PUBGPoker.net’s Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, constitute the entire agreement between you and PUBGPoker.net in relation to your use of PUBGPoker.net, and supersede all previous agreements in respect of your use of PUBGPoker.net.

Effective Date: 2017-11-08 (November 8th)